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6 Tips to Improve Your Self-Esteem After Divorce

From trying a new workout to spending more time with friends and family, there can be many ways to start feeling re-energized after a divorce.

woman hugs herself as she improves self-esteem after divorce

Are you looking for ways to improve your self-esteem after divorce? Divorce is hard to deal with and can take a toll on your health in many ways. Your emotional and mental health are not exceptions. This can be difficult to manage and may cause you to wonder how you will get back to feeling like yourself again. While it might not be easy, the reality is that there are things you can do to help yourself get back on track and feel better. If you are seeking out ways to improve your self-esteem after divorce, here are some things to think about.

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem After Divorce: 6 Tips

1. Start an Exercise Routine

Starting a regular exercise routine can be essential for improving your overall well-being. Not only can it help you to get in better shape, which can improve your self-image, but it can help to energize you, too. Along with that, exercise can naturally boost your endorphins. Additionally, it doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you choose to do, or whether or not you opt to use micronized creatine when you work out. As long as you are moving your body for 15 to 20 minutes a day, you can start to see results and begin creating mood-boosting hormones.

2. Eat a Diet That Supports Your Mood

Along with making sure that you are keeping active, eating a diet that supports your mood can also be beneficial when you are recovering from a divorce. While it may be tempting to eat mostly comfort foods, these foods tend to be high in sugar and carbs, both of which can cause your blood sugar to spike and crash. This can lead to low energy levels, and a low mood, too. If you want to feel full of energy and ready to take on life’s new challenges, it can be a good idea to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet. Including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can be a good idea, as can making sure that you are eating plenty of lean protein and healthy fats.

3. Start a Hobby

Starting a hobby can be another great way to give your self-esteem a boost during a difficult time. A hobby can be a great way to unwind and forget about your stress. Not only that, but as you see yourself improving and making progress with a new skill, your self-esteem will increase. This can be true no matter what kind of hobby you choose. For some, painting may be a great way to unleash their creativity and relax. Others might get more enjoyment from doing something like fishing, where they get to enjoy the outdoors as they work on a new skill. While trying something new can be exciting, this can also be a great time to get back into old hobbies as well. If you find that you now have more time alone, it can feel refreshing to start doing things that you used to do, but maybe had to give up to manage some of your family responsibilities instead. Whether you choose to invest time in a new hobby or focus on an old one again, this can be a great time for self-discovery.

4. Keep a Journal

Something else that can help with self-discovery and self-esteem is keeping a journal. A journal can not only be great for recording things that are happening in your life, but it can also be great for releasing negative emotions. When you write down all the things that are bothering you, you can get them out of your system. Not only that, but putting them down on paper also gives you the opportunity to analyze them as well. This means that you will be able to gain a clearer perspective on what has happened in your life recently. It will give you a chance to process it, too.

5. Spend Time with Loved Ones

This time of being newly single can also be a great time for reconnecting with your loved ones and friends. While you were married, you may not have had as much time to maintain your friendships, or even spend time with other family members that you wanted to see. With more time to yourself, you can rebuild those friendships and widen your social circle in a meaningful way. This can also be a good time to start meeting others and creating new friendships that can add value to your life.

6. The Bottom Line

Divorce can be a difficult thing to go through, no matter who you are or how long you have been married. However, that doesn’t mean that you can do anything to recover or boost your self-esteem after divorce. Even though many may feel lost during this time, you still have lots of options. From trying a new workout to spending more time with friends and family, there can be many ways to start feeling re-energized after a divorce.