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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Lawyer

If you are facing a difficult family matter that you urgently need to resolve, you know how critical it is for you to find the right legal representation to handle your case.

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If you are facing a difficult family matter that you urgently need to resolve, you know how critical it is for you to find the right legal representation to handle your case. Moreover, you want to ensure that the family lawyer you hire has the necessary experience and legal knowledge to handle cases like yours. That’s why it is vital for you to take the time, despite how overwhelmed you might be feeling because of the matter you are trying to take care of, to interview potential family lawyers before deciding which one you feel more comfortable working with.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Lawyer

Have you handled other cases like mine?

Don’t accept an answer of just a number. Ask them about specific details of cases that are similar to your circumstances. If spousal support is what worries you most or if you are worried about the future of your children, you need to be reassured that they have successfully handled other cases like yours.

Will you handle my case personally or will you have someone else working on it?

Don’t immediately say no if more than one person will be working on your case. A team of lawyers with the support of paralegals and associates can work more efficiently and may even save you money. Outside consultants might also be part of the team, such as personal investigators or other advisors. Make sure you understand how the work will be carried out.

How much will you charge me?

You should not be ashamed to bring up the subject of charges. On the contrary, knowing how much something will cost you from the outset will only work to give you peace of mind and avoid surprises. Ask about specific charges such as court costs, outside consultants, and other expenses. If the lawyer talks about hourly charges, ask how long they think the case will take and approximately how many other factors could affect the cost of the case.

Now that you know my situation, what will be your approach?

A detailed strategy might not be available at this point for the lawyer to share with you. However, you do want to get a feeling for how aggressive this lawyer is, or what their approach will be. This answer alone might convince you that this is the lawyer for you or, on the other hand, have you running for the door.

Is my request unreasonable?

You might be feeling anxious, sad, depressed, or highly emotional about what you are about to do, whether it’s a divorce, a custody case, or any other family matter. You may be worried that your decisions might not be the right ones at this time. Getting the point of view from someone who is not involved directly in the case might help you find your center and get reassurance. Once again, your lawyer’s answer will help you decide if this is the person you want to be working with. When you need to hire a family law attorney, take the time to do the right research to find the perfect lawyer for you. Working with someone who makes you feel like they are on your side and will protect your rights is just what you need now.

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